Tears of the Sun

By Ray Macula / August 17, 2003 /

Tears of the Sun was a rather abysmal disappointment to all the hype which surrounded it. Action-wise, it of course delivered (although nowhere near the level of Black Hawk Down). The story line pit Navy S.E.A.L. Bruce Willis against your typical bleeding heart doctor, who he’s supposed to be extracting, and a bunch of Islamic…

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Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas (the movie)

By Ray Macula / July 13, 2003 /

Ok, since I’m reviewing the same story done almost exactly the same way only in two different formats (book and movie), I’m going to make this review short. The movie covers just a bit more than half of the book, ending in the later middle of the original story line of the book. As I…

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Josie and the Pussycats (the movie)

By Ray Macula / June 4, 2003 /

What can I tell you other than, “Wow?” Suddenly, Martin Lawrence is a comic mastermind and Big Momma’s House is pure comedic gold. Gold I tell you! Gold I say!!! Yes, such is the state of this pathetic atrocity thrust upon the film viewing public. Inserted somewhere in the midst of mindless banter, cheesy pep…

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The In-Laws (2003)

By Ryan Livingston / May 4, 2003 /

Brooks/Douglas remake Falk/Arkin

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The Scooby Doo Movie

By Ray Macula / December 20, 2002 /

Or rather that title should read, “I can’t believe I’m giving a good review to Scooby-Doo the Movie,” because I am, and I can’t. For what I thought was going to be your typical cornball “Family-fun” (uuuugggghhh- I shudder at the mere thought) movie, it sure surprised me. Plenty of innuendos on who’s gay; who’s…

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Big Momma’s House

By Ray Macula / December 5, 2002 /

Lawrence ends up having to disguise himself as Big Momma to get to the truth, whatever the hell that might be.

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UHF (w/ 2002 DVD)

By Ryan Livingston / November 26, 2002 /

UHF is a movie about hope and discovery wrapped up in a shell of corny gags and riotous parody.

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Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

By Ray Macula / November 12, 2002 /

Oedekerk is “The Chosen One” the only person who can stand up to and defeat Betty, the evil Master Pain. Betty is the servant of the Evil Council, a group of French aliens that fly around in pyramids and are based out of Paris, with plans for global conquest.

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The Four Feathers (2002)

By Ray Macula / October 6, 2002 /

A soldier’s fear of cowardice essentially lands him in hot water with his friends and fiancée. From this he sets off to make things right and prove he’s not a coward, or die trying. After that, as typical of Hollywood, they make drastic and sweeping changes.

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Men In Black II

By Ryan Livingston / July 8, 2002 /

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back in action for a typical sequel.

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