Genghis Khan: Conqueror of the World By Leo De Hartog

By Ray Macula / November 28, 2005 /

Saber Charge Born into a minor faction of divided Mongol tribes, Temujin would rise to become emperor of half the world and leader of a united Mongol aristocracy. How’d he do it? Secimation of peoples and lands, yes, but also through the careful and good choices in appointing military leaders and government officials. Archers Forward…

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Portuguese Irregular Verbs

By Ryan Livingston / September 25, 2005 /

The Premise Now before you balk, Portuguese Irregular Verbs isn’t a text book. Well, it is, but not in real life. It is the opus of Professor Dr. Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld – a very pompous, very German, philogist. The novel Portuguese Irregular Verbs, by Alexander McCall Smith, is a collection of misadventures staring Igelfeld supported…

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Salmon of Doubt

By Ryan Livingston / April 8, 2005 /

The Premise In September of 2001, the Earth lost a great talent to a heart attack. Soon after, Douglas Adams’ armada of Apple computers were ransacked and the result is Salmon of Doubt, a collection of snippets, letters and magazine articles Douglas had written over the years. The title comes from the constantly in progress…

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Who’s Looking Out For You?

By Ray Macula / October 27, 2004 /

Overview and Odd Witticisms Bill O’Reilly returns and he’s just as outraged at injustice as he was in The No Spin Zone. As always the last chapter or in this case the last two chapters (plus the forward, but who reads those anyway, right?) get a might preachy and self-helpy which could be a strength…

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The Case Against Lawyers

By Ryan Livingston / October 27, 2004 /

The Synopsis Catherine Crier, CourtTV show hostess and former CNN anchor, has spotted a growing trend in America – Lawyers are running amuck. They’ve gotten their hands into everything; places you wouldn’t even think they’d be. The Case Against Lawyers shows you what’s going on behind our backs in the justice system. The Execution Go…

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By Ray Macula / May 19, 2004 /

For a short time in 1915 British, French, Australian, New Zealander and Turkish soldiers killed themselves over a few stretches of beach, vying for the goal of Constantinople, aka Istanbul. Gallipoli is a dated book, written in the 1950s it still makes reference to the now defunct U.S.S.R. It is however rich with information and…

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The No Spin Zone

By Ryan Livingston / April 19, 2004 /

If you’ve not heard of Bill O’Reilly by now, you wouldn’t be interested in The No Spin Zone. It isn’t for those who’ve been unconscious all their life. Though if you are the least bit concerned with the world around you, then by all means, continue. Bill O’Reilly is a well-known (and to some, infamous)…

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Common Nonsense

By Ryan Livingston / February 20, 2004 /

America’s favorite curmudgeon is at it again with his recent book of essays entitled Common Nonsense. The book was written over a period of five years, complied of 154 writings written in no particular order. It covers a wide array of topics: Daily Life in America, Food & Drink, Heath and Doctors, Politics, Sports, Entertainment…

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (the book)

By Ray Macula / July 13, 2003 /

Quite possibly one of the best literary accomplishments by the “Grand Master of Gonzo Journalism,” Fear and Loathing is the saga of the quest for the “American Dream” by one man and his Samoan lawyer. It begins with one Raul Duke on the road to Las Vegas to cover a motorcycle race in Las Vegas…

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The World’s Great Artillery

By Ray Macula / May 13, 2003 /

Halberstadt covers the past 702 or so years of artillery evolution.

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