The Abridged NWOt Manifesto

The Abridged NWOt Manifesto

It has come time, I think, to write a formal mission statement as to why this site exists… if only to validate it’s purpose to myself. In time, this document will be fleshed out and be supported by other writings. But for now I present a rough outline of what the NWOt is about.

-Ryan Livingston (founder and head honcho)

On a hot July day in 2002, a bored malcontent decided it was time to make something to reflect his and his cohort’s sentiments. That creation was the New World Otter. At first it was a website devoted to one homemade comic strip. However, with so many resources available and world of possibilities the site evolved.

And it continues to evolve. The NWOt is in a state of constant flux… as new ideas abound, there is no telling where it can and will go. Why, even this intro will change eventually. But there is one thing that shall remain constant… the litany of ideas that loosely tie together this patchwork of web documents:

The Tenets:
Humor – The idea that any situation can be solved by the application of laughter. We believe a spoonful of levity goes down a lot better when trying to convey a thought than to beat it in with a dull stick.
Are there times to be serious? Of course! However, people take themselves too seriously too often… and no good ever comes from that. We want to liven up the world and make people see that it’s not all work and drudge.

Have your beliefs, have your lifestyles, your genders, races, credos and dispositions… but don’t let them have you. Step back.

The Propagation of Neat Stuff – Material wealth is should not be the focus of life… however it doesn’t hurt to have stuff. Gimicks, gadgets and all sorts of neato trinkets are cool to have and play with, especially when they make you feel good.

  • Nostalgia – Too often, we forget where we came from. There is an myth circulating that everything new is good and anything old is bad. Boy bands and stories from the lives grandparents (respectively) dispel that myth.

    We may not be able to relive the past, but we cannot let the past leave out lives entirely.

  • The Obscure – The mainstream is the enemy. It is created by a group of suits that think they know what’s good for us. And, whatever isn’t in the mainstream is drowned and pushed aside to rot in obscurity.

    It is the job if the NWOt to pull the castoffs to the forefront. Why? Well, one – mainstream is 97.7778% garbage. A shining star may come through every few years, but it is rare. And two – Anyone can find mainstream stuff… it’s, well, mainstream. Part of the thrill of life is the chase. To find something neat after searching for years is more rewarding.

Challenging the mind – To walk around in an oblivious stupor must be a hideous fate. We were given sentient thought for a reason… to use it. Literature, science, math philosophy and debate are abandoned after formal schooling, and then we become machines. Keep in mind; it was only tedious in school because it was forced upon you. Learning for leisure is more rewarding. (Note – finish school first!)

Sense of Duty – People more an more are becoming self centered wastes of flesh. They do not care about the plights of their neighbors. They take a “not in my backyard” attitude. They never start what they finish.

We believe that everyone should have a cause. Do something for fellow man, beast or rock. And when you begin something, see it though, no matter where it takes you.

Tact – One thing missing in the world today is tact. Too often people just blurt out whatever, or display whatever. Not everything needs to be seen or heard, especially when it causes more harm than good.

We feel that you should be able to say what you want when you want, but we urge discretion. Ask yourself: How would you feel if your child was exposed to this? How would you feel if you had to deal with something similar? Does the public really need to know this? Would everyone benefit from this? Would some? Would anyone? Would the right people? Etc.

The privilege of expression is a grand thing so don’t blow it.

Who are we?
We are a group of loons disillusioned with the state of things. We feel we can make a difference, if only in the minds of a few. We look at the world askew. We think so outside the box, we’re in the next time zone. We challenge the status quo. We are neither left or right, up nor down. We are zealots and agnostics. And all sorts of clichés like that there.

– November 11th, 2003