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Thoughts for Toys For Tots: Dollar Stores

By Ryan Livingston / December 8, 2016 /

A decent source of toys available in a pinch for a great cause.

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The Great Paper Weigh In 2016

By Ryan Livingston / November 24, 2016 /

3lbs 8oz… How hefty is your newspaper this year? #TheGreatPaperWeighIn 2016 #thanksgiving #blackfriday A photo posted by The New World Otter (@newworldotter) on Nov 24, 2016 at 5:08am PST While most families are subject to Turkey Envy this year are competing chefs ask “How big’s Your bird?”, another holiday gets taken for granted as it’s…

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A Waste of Time & Money

By Ryan Livingston / June 15, 2011 /

Warning, the following piece concerns the touchy subjects of Casey Anthony and Sarah Palin. This isn’t however my views on them per se. Most of you can, by now, divine my takes on a irresponsible party-girl parent believed to have drugged and killed her kid, and an irresponsible party-line-towing girl who’s probably never heard of…

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Windows 7 – The Aftermath

By Ryan Livingston / November 28, 2009 / Comments Off on Windows 7 – The Aftermath

There are a lot of senior citizens in my area. This is, after all, Florida. And contrary to popular belief, not all of them are technologically challenged. One of my neighbors was a lead programmer on the DARPA net project after his days doing communications on a nuclear sub. So they can know their stuff.…

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I Must Be Crazy – Windows7 Edition

By Ryan Livingston / November 22, 2009 / Comments Off on I Must Be Crazy – Windows7 Edition

So a month and a half ago I bought a brand new computer because nothing was wrong with my previous one. Not a thing. Ergo, it had to go. It was XP and reliable, and I needed Vista, so I too could share in the woes and gripes of the customers that came in the…

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A Crappy Post

By Ryan Livingston / May 27, 2009 / Comments Off on A Crappy Post

I am a vigilante plumber. The Phantom Plunger. I didn’t choose this life of clearing errant drains, it was thrust upon me out of desperation – for, no matter where I go there seems to be a jammed potty. A jammed potty that needs JUSTICE… or a good snaking.

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Yeah, Don’t Quit Your Night Job…

By Ryan Livingston / May 11, 2009 / Comments Off on Yeah, Don’t Quit Your Night Job…

My place of employment is in a unique position in this spiraling economy… we are desperate for new hires! I am not at liberty to mention where I work nor the geographic local it’s in. Suffice it to say if you come across a sun bleached, weather beaten, semi-laminated sign saying “We’re Hiring”, chances are…

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Grate (sic) Moments In Racism

By Ryan Livingston / July 24, 2008 / Comments Off on Grate (sic) Moments In Racism

July 11th, Dalas Texas… all was going as smooth as could be (read: not very) during a county commissioners meeting until the Santa Ana winds brought in a stiff breeze of stupidity. During the meeting the conditions of the growing bureaucracy were compared to a “black hole.” That’s when the breeze blew clear through the…

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Viacom to Milk Youtube

By Ryan Livingston / March 13, 2007 /

It was reported today by various news outfits that Viacom will be suing Youtube for the tune of ONE BILLION DOLLARS (keep that number in your head for a moment) for copyright violations and that type of stuff. Viacom is complaining that the site is using material from such hits as the Daily Show, South…

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Too Much Information!! (sometimes)

By Ryan Livingston / January 23, 2007 /

One of the disadvantages of unemployment is running out of DVDs and VHSs to peruse… with an added reluctance to get new ones because it’d look like you’ve got your priorities mixed up. So the day-time TV has got me it it’s clutches. Luckily with the whole digital everything revolution thing, we’ve now got the…

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