I Must Be Crazy – Windows7 Edition

So a month and a half ago I bought a brand new computer because nothing was wrong with my previous one. Not a thing. Ergo, it had to go. It was XP and reliable, and I needed Vista, so I too could share in the woes and gripes of the customers that came in the store. I like to try to empathize, even though my senses of apathy and contempt have way surpassed my conventional 5 senses.

Actually it was getting a 8gig ram, quadcore with monitor for about $400 after rebates and employee discount… but anyway.

w7mailerBeing now a month and half old, it is now outdated. W7 came out October 22 (a day many say will rival all the previous days of infamy – me I’m not sure yet). Luckily I was granted a golden ticket (read: thermal receipt) to get this miracle for free. SO, I sent away for it. The picture to your right is what I received.


With all the hoopla Microsoft expended in this launch – the ad campaigns, the beta testing, the countless hours millions of retailers spent on the overnight setting their displays to not only put W7 forefront but make it seem Vista and XP never existed in the first place – and all I get is something that looks like it was packed by a half-assed ebayer? The contents of which were only protected by a piece of cardboard, the instructions and a CD sleeve which was shared by two discs!

w7instructions Now granted, the instructions could have stopped a bullet, or at the very least been used as a full body death shroud if it didn’t – but couldn’t we get some sort of nifty product box? Or glossy paper?

But, they say good things come from lame packages. I’ve read both good and bad reviews about W7. The good reviews mainly from MS, touting the new chotchkies like snapping window frames and free internet TV – a boon and detriment to productivity respectively. The bad mainly from folk who tried to install it and failed thus causing an infinite boot loop; and one from a MS worker who said one upgrade took him 20hrs in testing. Cripes.

Why am I doing this again? The more I think about it the more I’m not sure why. But, after spending the better half of last night and this morning backing up: I’m into it now!

If anything I’ll get a review out of it, and hits based off the phrases Microsoft Windows 7 and victim porn.

I shall let you all know how the upgrade goes. Providing I can turn on my computer after the fact.

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