Dosier: Ryan Livingston


Saving the World Since Before Your Goldfish Were Born

Name – Ryan M. Livingston (aka Rokuzen)

Height – 6ft 1in

Weight – A measurement of mass in relation to gravitational pull (or some such nonsense).

Hailing from – The great state of Confusion…err… New York. Less importantly Staten Island. New residing, thanks to a hilarious string of circumstances, in Melbourne, Fl.

Young Ryan was born on a dark and stormy morning just in time for lunch. Since then, he as astounded countless people. Upon entering college, he majored computer science. Ryan immediately threw that out and went for History with hopes to one day go into archaeology.

Then one day he was bitten by a radioactive cockroach. But that has nothing to do with our story.

Boredom struck Ryan in his sophomore year of college, and he decided to draw cartoons for the local collegiate press. It wasn’t too long after that said paper found Ryan mettling in other areas of the organization. Of course, he kept a cover, saying, “All he wanted to do was draw cartoons.” He maintains that story to this very day, long after being forced to retire from his post as Editor-In-Chief and Rabble Rouser in 2002 (blasted graduation!).

Soon after graduation, he found himself bored again. So Ryan decided to go through with an idea he had in college: The New World Otter – an organization bent on self aggrandizement, with the occasional social commentary, philosophical value, and random attempts at Global dominion. So here we are, and here you are reading this stuff.

Ryan is also a critically ignnored graphic artist. You can find his work at