Otterz & Endz

Generally, Election Day

By Ryan Livingston / November 2, 2004 /

Today is Election Day – perhaps the greatest day on the American Calendar! I only call it great not because the aging bowls of democracy gets its only movement, but because it signals the end of campaign season. The inane television ads – cease; the cacophonous radio spots – silenced; and the roadside signage –…

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Fleece You In September

By Ryan Livingston / October 20, 2004 /

You know what I find weird? (You find something weird? No, pray tell… what do you find weird?) I’ll tell you – calendars that begin in September. (That’s it?) Yes, calendars that starts with September… of the previous year that is. Who needs this? It can’t be for the benefit for those of us who…

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Greetings From Florida

By Ryan Livingston / September 27, 2004 /

Well, I’ve arrived. For those of you not keeping tabs on my recent ordeals, I’ve been in the processes of moving from New York to Florida. And, not that you have to, you can read up on the process here, here. But man, what a long road it’s been. I could tell you the woeful…

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Selling the Farm III

By Ryan Livingston / August 10, 2004 /

Moving is a humbling experience (see parts 1 & 2). If ever you feel too comfortable – move. If ever you feel like you have way too much stuff – move. If ever you had the slightest feeling of control over your life, destiny and stuff like that there… MOVE! Pulling up stakes is the…

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Grammar

By Ryan Livingston / July 28, 2004 /

At first I thought it was a localized trend exclusive to my school. A colloquialism kept within that particular “academic” community. Then I heard it when I changed schools. I hear it at work and on the streets. The predicate, “smoke a cigarette,” is all over and is scary as hell Now I really don’t…

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Selling the Farm II

By Ryan Livingston / July 27, 2004 /

The original idea put out by John Locke so many years ago was that all humans had the right to life, liberty and property. Jefferson would later put it down as “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Odd how parcels of land and shelters of wood got equated to happiness. Where as it may…

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Two Years A Webmaster

By Ryan Livingston / July 3, 2004 /

A few years ago a concept entered my mind, and to this date I still can’t figure out what is was. It was the New World Otter, we all know that… or, at least to those reading this article. I remember when and why it hit my head. The humor section for the Pauw Wow…

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The People on the Bus Go Mumble Mumble Mumble

By Ryan Livingston / June 16, 2004 /

Being one of the members of the seeming marginal demographic known as public transport commuters – and of the even marginal-marginal demographic of occasion enjoyers of public transport – it’s no wonder that I’ve made some observations on my journeys. Well, not as much observations as major peeves. 1) Stop Here on Red – This…

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There And Back Again and There Again Yet Again – III:2

By Ryan Livingston / May 3, 2004 /

Right now I should be painting. I’m taking an oil painting class this term – I may have mentioned it. But one of the disadvantages of commuting to school is that nagging problem of not actually getting there – especially when mass transit is in the mix. I had missed my first bus by seconds,…

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Selling the Farm

By Ryan Livingston / April 30, 2004 /

It’s said that one of the most traumatic experiences in life is that of moving. Those in the younger age brackets worry about finding new playmates and a pizza place as good as the old hang out. The elders worry about finding a new job, a new rut to fall into, playmates and a pizza…

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