Otterz & Endz

More Crap Than Your Stick Can Shake At

By Ryan Livingston / March 23, 2004 /

With the influx of bootlegs and the like, it comes at no surprise that the movie industry is now planning to reward DVD patrons with added doodads and goodies in addition to the tons of bonus features on the discs themselves. However, as USA today reports, things go south real fast: “The trend continues with…

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An Open Response to “Jay”

By Ryan Livingston / March 21, 2004 /

In a response to Entry 60 – Cleaning the Lent Trap, an anonymous person named “Jay” wrote the following: “You are a real idiot! You must be a stupid Baptist whom can’t think for himself. Are you really that shallow?” Now, them’s fightin’ words if ever I heard them. I don’t like to back down…

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I Do It For the Sport

By Ryan Livingston / March 15, 2004 /

The thrill of the hunt is one of life’s little pleasures. Some prefer live game – deer, bears, cows, etc. That’s not for me. I’m no PETA freak, mind you. There’s just no challenge to it! Live quarry is everywhere. You can step outside your door and shoot a pigeon. Hell, there’s no need to…

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Junk Science Marches On!

By Ryan Livingston / March 4, 2004 /

Ok, so it seems that “they” are now saying that low carb diets aren’t good. The “they” in question are the proverbial “them,” who say such things. Now it’s all about the fiber, baby. Eat stuff with high fiber and high carbs and you’ll feel fuller (thus tending not to eat as much), and you’ll…

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On Birthdays

By Ryan Livingston / February 27, 2004 /

It has just occurred to me that there is something odd about birthdays – we celebrate the one who was born. When you think about it, there’s really nothing to being born. You have no say in the matter, nor does one recall the pain that occurs. Parents, moms to be exact, recall all the…

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Cleaning The Lent Trap

By Ryan Livingston / February 26, 2004 /

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the starting gun of the Christian period known as Lent. For those unfamiliar with this situation I’ll break it down. You attend mass (on your own recognizance since it isn’t a Holy Day of Obligation) then wait in line to have the ashes of year old palm fronds smeared on your…

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Theological Geology?

By Ryan Livingston / February 22, 2004 /

Today on some forum, the classic question was asked: Could go create a rock so heavey the even he could not lift it? Could he heat a burrito to such a temperature that even he could not eat it? So I posted my answer, to which it was promptly ignored. But I bring it hear…

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There and Back Again, and There Again Yet Again, Chapter III

By Ryan Livingston / February 17, 2004 /

I’m sure some smart cookie out there has said something to the extent: graduation is only the beginning of education. If not, I call dibs! Said or not, it holds true, and makes a dandy intro to another lump of words devoted to my further exploits into the realm of schooling. If you’re not up…

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On the Eve of Destruction

By Ryan Livingston / February 13, 2004 /

How appropriate a title for an instance of Friday the 13th. In a few hours, the calendar shall turn to the farce that is Valentine’s Day… yet again. The aisles have already run red with the blood of the spurned and choked with the chocolate bon-bons and plush toy offerings to Aphrodite’s brat, Cupid. “Bitter,”…

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The Nature of the Breast

By Ryan Livingston / February 3, 2004 /

Well I guess it’s time for me to weigh in on the whole Super Bowel Half Time controversy that’s going around. I must say, I was shocked and/or appalled by this incident. Not at the time of it’s happening. Nay I was lulled into a stupor by the tediousness of the show, and didn’t see…

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