Theological Geology?

Today on some forum, the classic question was asked: Could go create a rock so heavey the even he could not lift it? Could he heat a burrito to such a temperature that even he could not eat it?

So I posted my answer, to which it was promptly ignored. But I bring it hear to flesh it out.

If God can create a rock so heavy that even he can’t lift it, it would mean a sort of relative omnipotence.

Since it’s only his rock that can defeat him, he remains the dominant power over everything else other than he. Yet he still has power over himself since he has the potential to cause his own hernia. And so on.

Sounds like omnipotence to me.

Of course this proves another thing – Since god is the only one that could destroy god, and we are made in his image… then we are our own worst enemy. The main force working against humanity is humanity.

Follow that logic backwards it continues to prove itself. If humanity is humanity’s greatest foe, and made in the image of god, then god must be his own foe.

This relative omnipotence is not just found in Judeo-Christian related theologies concerning the ability of deities. Gods from Greece to Egypt are always pounding on each other, yet they always come back for more in infinite cycles.

Yet they keep tabs over humans and the universe, which is all one needs to be a god.

As for the burrito, this is where omniscience comes into play… God’ll either let the thing cool or know enough not to eat it in the first place.

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