UHF (w/ 2002 DVD)

First the movie itself:
Hmmm, where to begin… UHF is a movie about hope and discovery wrapped up in a shell of corny gags and riotous parody.

It’s the story of George Newman; just your average over imaginative slob who cannot stay employed for too long. But as luck would have it, his uncle won a cheesy UHF station in a poker game; to which George’s aunt sees this as perfect job for out hero.

However, the station isn’t doing too well, and looks like it’ll fold any day. On top of all that, George forgets his girlfriend’s birthday, losing her as well. When all seems lost, things suddenly begin to pick up for the station (this is where you should insert the aforementioned hope and discovery). And because this is “Weird” Al we’re talking about, much hilarity ensues.

I like it. The critics burned the movie in protest, but who the heck listens to them?

All the performances were excellent; amongst which included a young Michael Richards, Fran Drescher, Victoria Jackson, and whole host of faces you’ve seen elsewhere. UHF does its job and makes people laugh, but then goes beyond the call of duty showing that any fool with delusions of grandeur will do OK if they just stay true to themselves.

Ok maybe that wasn’t the point of the film but that’s what I got out of it aside from an hour and a half of fun. But I’m sure you’ve all seen it and know what I’m talking about. No? For shame!

On to the disk.
The DVD release of UHF is pretty neat. It’s a double-sided disk, one side with the formatted for television version and the other side with widescreen, with some features tossed in to keep the masses happy (all more or less hosted by Al himself).

Let’s begin with the commentary: I usually don’t watch these things, cause frankly who cares? However, Al and his equally odd – longtime manager and co-writer of UHF, Jay Levey, do the commentary. I figured it would be good, and I wasn’t disappointed. Along with giving the useless facts about the movie, they heckle it or just begin talking amongst themselves.

And I must admit, some of those useless facts are quite interesting. You would be amazed at the people that came to read for parts (I’ll let you watch so you can be amazed).

Michael Richards, Emo Philips and Victoria Jackson make surprise cameos on the commentary track as well. Oh dang, I gave it away. Wait, no; they’re listed on the box.

Other features include productions stills, promos and all that standard fare, and the UHF music video. Also included is about twenty minutes of deleted footage, which Mr. Yankovic found on a VHS in the back of his closet.

Finally, after you’ve watched both sides thoroughly, watch the menus. Al periodically walks on and off screen and does stuff. Oh, and if it says something is on the other side, select it a few times anyways… he really gets pissed.

UHF the movie – I give a 6 out of 6
UHF the DVD – I give a 5 out of 6 (its cool, but I can’t help feeling it’s missing something).

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