The Dark Knight

Hype… things get hyped up… a lot. Just look at sliced bread… it’s the paradigm standard we hold everything to. “Is such and such better than it?” Yet by itself nothing to look at.

What does this have anything to do with The Dark Knight? Absolutely nothing. However when a film like this comes about, you’d like to start off a review with something more profound than OH MY FREAKIN GOD THIS IS 120 PROOF AWESOMENESS SAUCE!!!!111oneoneone…

With Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan tore down the campy exterior of the franchise and thankfully put up a realistic, gritty facade more becoming of a brooding guardian of the city. So when the clown prince was declared the villain, you had to wonder of that realism was going to get tossed out the newly installed plate glass windows.

It didn’t in Warner Brothers’ The Dark Knight. The tone remained as hard boiled as the masked detective, even in the face of the wonderfully over the top performance of Ledger and The Joker, who is the movie.

There is little gimmick to this Joker. He’s absolutely psychotic, and he knows it. That’s it. No overplay on cheap jokes or magic tricks (save one brilliant one at his introduction). No laughing gas, no giant balloons of doom… just simple chaos. All with a smile.

I really can’t do Heath’s job justice, except that I was worried in the beginning on how he would do it and grief stricken now that he’s not here to do it again. Just go see it.

The story is simple. The Batman has been waging war on the underworld since the first movie inspiring change in Gotham. With the new D.A. Harvey Dent, the mobsters are at a loss for ideas. In come the the green haired “stranger” vowing to help them. But as you can figure with The Joker, its not so simple.

Without saying too much, there is a twist at the end. Batman faithful can and have already figured it out, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised on where it takes the story, and make you scratch your heads on how they’ll do an encore.

Alright, so it’s been ages since I did a review… I know this isn’t too helpful. But then again all I really had to say was said: OH MY FREAKIN’ GOD THIS IS 120 PROOF AWESOMENESS SAUCE!!!!111oneoneone… That, and it makes toast out of sliced bread.

See it, pre-order the DVD, name your first born Bruce, etc etc.

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