Men In Black II

Before heading out to the movies, I, like most of you I’m sure, was bombarded with the critic’s opinions; none of which seemed to agree with the other save one point: there was no plot.

Well, as usual, I must disagree with these critics. MIB II has a plot, just not too different from the original (i.e. something is on Earth that really shouldn’t, likewise the thing that’s after it); but Will Smith announced this on Regis and Kelly that this movie was business as usual, because people will know what to expect.

However, in a movie like this, business as usual works so well! Like the first MIB, II‘s gags have staying power to be funny over and over again (look at the trailers for example, which beat some jokes to death). The effects are incredible, most times better than the first (five years of advancement does that); but it still retains the look and feel of the original.

And, despite what critics say, this movie has enough surprises to keep the audience glued to the seats, with the occasional falling to the floor laughing.

Just a bit of warning though: there is a scene that may get the young-ins crying up a storm. So please have that “It’s-Only-A-Movie-Talk” with them before you go. If not, at least have the decency to bring a roll of duct tape (a must on any family outing).

They said this movie is ridiculous… well of course it is. It’s a comedy for goodness sakes, and doesn’t take itself seriously. Over all, out of a possible 6 arbitrary thingys, I give Men In Black II – 5.2 noisy crickets.

To the theater, whose twelve concessions registers were manned by five people, thus causing me to miss the trailer for Star Trek: Nemesis, I give – a 2. And I’m that generous only because the seats reclined. Ok, I’m done venting.

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