The Scooby Doo Movie

Or rather that title should read, “I can’t believe I’m giving a good review to Scooby-Doo the Movie,” because I am, and I can’t. For what I thought was going to be your typical cornball “Family-fun” (uuuugggghhh- I shudder at the mere thought) movie, it sure surprised me. Plenty of innuendos on who’s gay; who’s a pothead; who’s helpless; and who’s “a ragging little egomaniac.”

On the downside, I had the movie figured out by the middle, as I’m sure you will too. And let’s face facts, in a movie like this, the plot’s about as deep as the sun is cold (i.e. not very). It even takes a nice little pot shot at everybody’s favorite poster child for erasers: Scrappy-Doo.

I will say this for it though, whomever they got to play Shaggy, was damn well cast. He both looked and sounded like him. Obviously someone who works very hard to achieve that certain aesthetic look.

The big plus though, was that Velma/Thelma, however you say it, was hot man! I mean damn hot. I mean puts the cartoon to shame, had to nerd her up good just to try to be convincing hot.

Anyway moving on, time for ratings: I’d ordinarily give it a 3 maybe a 2, but since all the girls were damn hot, I’ll go’er a whole 4… and I’m thinking melons on this, 4 ripe melons…

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