Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas (the movie)

Ok, since I’m reviewing the same story done almost exactly the same way only in two different formats (book and movie), I’m going to make this review short. The movie covers just a bit more than half of the book, ending in the later middle of the original story line of the book. As I stated in the book review for Fear and Loathing, if you’re looking for some deep, insightful, philosophical message, you can find it. There is a certain scene where Thompson reveals quite a bit about his particular left leaning view of things. However, most of the movie is a drug and booze romp and the insane wackiness that, not only follows, but also stampedes as a result.

Because it was accurate to a ‘T’ for everything it covered, it starts off with a 7, then because it was well done and funny it gets and additional 1; BUT because it ends early, I’m subtracting 1/2 a point.

<b>Thus it gets 7 1/2; um… thingies…</b>Oh, look at the time, gotta go!

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