Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC)

The Synopsis:
Take one of the oddest and more renowned Japanese games shows direct off the plane and give it the “What’s Up Tiger Lilly Treatment.”

For those who are not to sure on what this means… shame on you! Simply take foreign language footage (Takeshi’s Castle in the case of MXC), toss out the sound entirely and dub in a whole new script. Then sit back and watch the money roll in.

The Execution:
It’s takes a while to realize it at first, but Most Extreme Elimination Challenge is one of the best-written shows ever! Every line of script seems to have been meticulously weaved together for maximum effect. From player’s names and occupations to the teams they represent and their outcomes, every line is just about a joke and/or a set up line.

Let me butcher a line for an example – Sarah Moe, from the “Wyoming Institute of Automotive Repairs”… to which the second announcer chimes in with “Wy I Auto?”… Trust me, it sounds funnier when they do it.

While you watch the fools on the screen get slammed into walls and by large foam boulders, the viewers are slammed by a nonstop barrage of gags, puns and word play.

The Verdict:
Words really cannot sum up the greatness that is Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. I’ve been sitting at my laptop for two days now and this is the best I can come up with… not a review, but just blatant praise for the show.

Thusly, how can I not give it a 6 on the arbitrary 1-6 scale?

To sum up this babble: The humor is a tad blue, yet still innocent; the action is rough, but everybody seems to walk off in the end… Watch Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, Saturdays on the new TNN at 9pm EST; Sundays on the same station, 8pm EST. (That is as of writing this).

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