The Scottish Insults Wordsearch

Happy St. Andrew’s Day everyone. To celebrate we’ve rounded up some words you probably don’t want to hear whilst touristing the bonnie highlands. or the lowlands. Heck, you wouldn’t want to be called any of these crossing the street in Kearny, NJ! This is the Scottish Insults Wordsearch.

Scottish Insult Word Search
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  • Bampot
  • Bassa
  • Bauchle
  • Blether
  • Chancer
  • Clarty
  • Crabbit
  • Dobber
  • Eejit
  • Glaekit
  • Hackit
  • Numpty
  • Roaster
  • Scrote
  • Scunner
  • Slitter
  • Walloper
  • Wee Nyaff

Download the PDF and play along at home.
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Originally Published November 30th, 2016

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