Call Him Out, Not At Home!

Faithful and causal readers of this site both know how I feel about the FOX network. I have railed against their lack of taste and lack of judgment. However, I’ve never specified the FOX News Network in one of these attacks… till now.

This week, FOX News shamefully broadcast the home phone number of CNN Personality, Tucker Carlson, host of Crossfire. As a result, hundreds of threatening phone calls were made to Carlson’s home, affecting him, his wife and four kids. The attack comes in retaliation after Carlson, in a monologue, released a FOX New switchboard number – a number that is, by law, supposed to be made public anyway.

Tucker’s number is not so, however.

This has got to be the most shameful event of FOX News’ creation so far! I let the whole “Fair and Balanced” issue slide for they almost had a point; despite the fact they tried to claim copy right to an idea (which if you read the copyright law… is forbidden!).

But this, this… this is plain UNETHICAL! For a network that claims to be so Fair and Balanced, this is pure teetering- on- the- edge- of- insanity! A crazed stalker would be expected to make such a personal attack, not a news agency.

Look, if you find fault with the guy (a single person with an opposing banner) making light of your agency (a multinational conglomerate) that’s fine. I understand that someone in that spotlight, like Tucker, should realize that there would be repercussion. However, respond in debate, denouncing CNN or some such method – on the level of newscasters and business. Don’t go dragging family into this and cause psychological damage.

And just as I was warming up to FOX News too… well sort of. At least we still got the BBC…

Trust No One… Anymore
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