The Simplicity of Life

Life is not simple. In fact, it’s quite unnecessarily over-complicated. Think about it… billions of peptides randomly swirled together in a puddle, which then randomly formed billions of proteins which then randomly walked ashore in the form of a being so chemically complex that they only now found the recipe. It was stuck to the back of the brownie formula by the way.

And what did this highly advanced concoction make? Things that eat, sleep, poop and screw. Like I said, overly complicated.

So, what makes everyone think that answers to the questions posed by these aggregations of molecules would be any easier?

The fact is, there are no easy one-lined answers to the questions that matter… at least answers worth a damn. If there’s no contradiction present in the solution, then it probably didn’t hit enough bases. And if the solution is instant, then it probably wasn’t thought through.

hmmm We live in a society of instant gratification. Yet the quick answers never seem to tide us over and we beckon for new quick fixes that will eventually fail as well. Let us take time to work things out right. Everything will eventually be solved in due time, not before and not with a quick miracle.

Look, even God took six days to finally come up with humans. I bet his studio was littered with schematics and blueprints till it hit him… “Clay!! Of course! Duh!”

By the by… I have no specific reason or issue to bring this up. Like everything else in this blog, it usually just hits without warning.

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