Who You Callin’, Turkey

Yesterday was Thanksgiving; the day to give thanks, hence the name. We are to be thankful for what we have. However, there are those out there who A) believe that all they have is a given or, B) that there is nothing to be thankful for.

Well, have I got a short tale for you:

We were all upstairs at my grandma’s, and had just sat down to the feast and said grace. Then the phone rang; we figured it was some well-wisher so grandma answered. It was the hospital.

They were looking for anyone who knew Timothy Cummings; and to do so, they were calling every Cummings in the phonebook, because apparently they don’t know where Timothy came from.

Now there’s a downer.

So to you people who think all the good things that happen to you is a given: Don’t be so sure. I don’t know if this Timothy fellow was a good guy or bad, but either way there is some acquaintance at least not having a good day. Nor are any of the Cummings families being called in search of a relative.

And to those of you who think they have nothing to be thankful for: I say BAH! Be glad you aren’t in the hospital injured or dead; or missing a loved one during this holiday season.

Think about it…

So quit your bitching and as the Irish say : “Get on your knees and praise God that your still standing.”

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