There and Back Again, and There Again Yet Again, Chapter II

I can always tell when school is about to begin – my legs hurt. It’s like and old war wound that heralds the coming hurricane. I just can’t explain it; and it happens right before each semester since my high school days.

I can move around 200lb picnic tables for days on end (to which was the extent of my summer, by the way… how was yours?), and not feel a thing. Well maybe my back aching and the thud from my head hitting the ground due to heat exhaustion. But my legs… fine!

I can sit around for hours in front of a computer screen, coding an under-the-radar website (the other half of my summer sentence, server concurrently with the previous paragraph); where my muscles simply atrophy away… yet no pain when I walk to the fridge.

However, despite being well rested – ZING!! the day before class.

I guess it’s the thought of traveling from class to class; to which there is often miles in between. Not this semester thank god (just eons of time). Now all I have to do is convince my physique that it’s smooth sailing this term. Eh! enough moaning about health.

Time to moan about class!

I have never considered myself to be very political; though lately I’ve been growing very much so. I have to, I suppose, if I’m ever going to take over the world… I mean… um…No that’s right – World Domination!! I might as well announce my candidacy for Benevolent Meritocratic Authoritarian of the World; see you in November.

Wait, where was I? Oh yes, my journalism class. Hey, I was getting there. Really.

To make a long story short and more boring, I found out that journalists are the last line of defense for the Constitution. Would have fooled me, I thought that was the Justice Department. Anyway, in finding this out plus the class discussion that followed suit, I have determined why this course is going to be a pain in my neck:

First – actual news reporting. Though it will be small and only on campus events, I don’t like news writing. Not only that, but it’s hard to do. My style, though often called “too breezy and journalistic” by my history professors, is not suited for news. A&E maybe…

As much as I would love to learn how to write in a serious, un-biased tone, I am afraid that with the growing apartment shortage in my head, I will somehow evict my current style. Granted writing as I talk and thusly talking to my audience isn’t the most professional way; but it is conducive to the satire/journaling/philosophy writing I do. Anyway, it’s paranoia… move on.

Second, and this goes without saying, that I am probably one of the few people that will actually be using that decoration just above the neck called a head. It’s a “lets form a group” type class that always ends in me being paired with a tree. More on my ranting about this next time.

And third – I am willing to bet that I was the only one (maybe three at the most) that ever had a conservative thought in their head. This is saying a lot being raised as a moderate leftist and all.

Oh I just know my ire will be raised in this class. Feh!

On a good note, I got an application to join the radio station – thus putting me in the running for the Amateur Media Triple Crown (collegiate/small potatoes press, independent cheesy video arts, and ham-sammich radio)… also know as the Vegas Smorgasbord Award. I doubt I’ll ever go on air – my panic factor and all – but I shall keep you posted since the station streams on the net.

That’s it for today. There will be posting more often since school, has kick started my brain.

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