Just a Random Stab At Fox

Tell the truth now, is there ever a bad time to berate the Fox corporation? I think not.

smnotfoxThis photo-shenanigan was one I did a while back (around the Man vs. Beast and Firefly Cancellation rants) but just never got to posting it here. But it speaks sooth now as it did back then – FOX SUCKS!

They have nothing of value to offer. Nothing, nada, nichts, zero, zilch and other alliterative negative synonyms. The Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle don’t count because they are actually on NBC. It’s true.

You see a freak magnetic pulse from the earth’s core occurs every Sunday night, switching the video signals. Fox has capitalized on this, where as NBC remains oblivious (because they ain’t to swift either).

bsIt’s true I tells ya!

But anyway, with shows like Joe Millionaire (would have ranted on that, but my comp was on the fritz and I couldn’t capture images) and the new thing they got – Mr. Personality (I’ve not even ventured close to watching it… I have class then, thank god), and the tons of other drivel… Fox was just aching for another jab in the ribs.

Next up – The Disney Channel… I’m serious, the case is building.

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