Overview and Wise Cracks

Hellboy is based on the Dark Horse Comic bearing the same name and concerning itself about the exploits of the same character. Considering that, one might say this movie is aptly titled. This so aptly titled movie concerns itself with the origins of and partnering up of Hell Boy and his wiener government agent buddy so named >indiscernible mumbling<.

It also introduces you to the concept that the occult is alive and well and practiced routinely by every modern nation of the world. The saga begins in the ending days of World War II, where a desperate Nazi regime employs the magical powers of Rasputin (yes, the same guy the commies killed in 1917) to bring Hell Boy into this world to aid them in their conquest. Well wouldn’t you know those danged old Americans step in and screw everything up for those poor misunderstood Iraq-er-I mean Nazis.

Rasputin gets tossed into hell, Hell Boy gets spit out and the US gets a new super hero to help combat its supernatural enemies. Well fast-forward to today, Rasputin is back but not because of Saddam or Osama. Anyhow the stage is set for a show down. And well, yeah, that’s pretty much the gist of it.

Ratings and Rantings

The story flowed very well, and best of all, no classic pieces of literature or classic characters were harmed in the making of this film. A claim those butchers over at the Van Helsing set can’t honestly make. I found it highly enjoyable and engaging with plenty of oogity-boogities to go around. Final rating: 5.

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