Otterz & Endz

Eclectic Dreams – 04/30/03

By Ryan Livingston / April 30, 2003 /

It has been a while since I’ve had a dream that I can remember well. Many are mundane and not worthy of discussion. This one however I feel just has to be written down. Plus it makes a good post filler.I’ll try to get as detailed as I can, but its been a few hours…

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Just a Random Stab At Fox

By Ryan Livingston / April 29, 2003 /

Tell the truth now, is there ever a bad time to berate the Fox corporation? I think not. This photo-shenanigan was one I did a while back (around the Man vs. Beast and Firefly Cancellation rants) but just never got to posting it here. But it speaks sooth now as it did back then –…

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New World Otter Radio?

By Ryan Livingston / April 24, 2003 /

You know, it could happen someday, and thats the scary part. This entry is an assignment I just finished for my radio production class and now I’m posting it here for lack of a better journal topic. This is the futuistic tour of the WOTT studios: Welcome to WOTT 90.0FM, New World Otter Radio NYC,…

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Art Intimidating Life

By Ryan Livingston / April 23, 2003 /

I give movie makers a lot of credit. Over the past month, Ray and myself have be trying to produce a movie for my video production class… and of course for the NWOt. Without giving away too much detail, it’s a short film about a doomed documentary crew and its cursed subject. The script is…

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My Rambling and Rough Hewn Thoughts on the War

By Ryan Livingston / April 14, 2003 /

Usually I ignore things written on bathroom walls, especially since I’m busy with other matters; but this struck me as cool. Here’s to Saddam Hiding in a Cave. May Marines piss Budweiser On that cocksucker’s grave. May they beat on his balls With a big brass hammer Until his asshole whistles The Star Spangled Banner.…

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The 4th Day of Spring

By Ryan Livingston / March 23, 2003 /

Yes, yes, spring is here. Oh how I look forward to being serenaded by Mr. Softee at one in the morning. Who picks these songs anyway? Pop Goes the Weasel and Turkey in the Straw were not meant to be looped while traveling at 1 MPH down a residential street. They were meant to be…

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Desert Storm II, Electric Boogaloo

By Ryan Livingston / March 20, 2003 /

When war in the Middle East breaks out, you know it’s time to look at your trading card collection. Really, is there a better way to comment on the latest current events than using Topps © 1991 Desert Storm trading Cards? I think not! He was so young way back when. Colin Powell – 4…

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My Anti-Drug is Mass Transit.

By Ryan Livingston / March 19, 2003 /

I had said before that taking public transit is a good way to have a revelation. Well, I didn’t realize how true this was… The other day, on but one round trip, one could have made a solid case against the legalization of drugs… The morning began like any other- me getting up, getting dressed,…

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Why I Left in the First Place…

By Ryan Livingston / March 17, 2003 /

If you don’t know me, I am a Christian… more specifically a recovering Catholic. I think I stopped going to church about three years ago. However, as of late I’ve been feeling empty, so for Lent I decided to start going back to mass. I mean, I may not see eye to eye with all…

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There and back again, and back again yet again.

By Ryan Livingston / February 16, 2003 /

This is the saga of a hapless man’s return to college, in the vain attempt to succeed in life; written procrastinatedly, as would be expected from a college student. As you may or may not know, I have returned to the realm of college life; partially by choice and partially not. My highly skilled hide…

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