My Rambling and Rough Hewn Thoughts on the War

Usually I ignore things written on bathroom walls, especially since I’m busy with other matters; but this struck me as cool.

Here’s to Saddam
Hiding in a Cave.
May Marines piss Budweiser
On that cocksucker’s grave.
May they beat on his balls
With a big brass hammer
Until his asshole whistles
The Star Spangled Banner.

Anonymous, scrawled in a toilet stall on the campus of CSI

I am not “pro-war;” a warmonger; war hawk or an Antichrist (though some may argue that point). I do not sleep with missiles or bombs under my bed (they’re in the garage), nor is my 4F ass living vicariously through the countless marines sent over to Iraq. War is not good; however it is a necessary evil. Violence is not the solution, but it makes a good negotiating tool – especially when the “negotiations” have been going on for 12 years or so.

soapboxThat being said, most of us could see something more that idle chatter needed to be done. Had I not thought it a good idea however, I most definitely would not have joined a peace movement… And I’ll tell you why.

For one thing, I learned that the modern day peace protester haven’t a fucking clue as how to accomplish their goals; not that their predecessors, the Long Haired Hippy (genus: Mundus Paciferum), was any better at it… but at least the 60’s version of the protest didn’t cause more havoc than the subject of the protest! Rioting and becoming speed bumps are really good ways of getting people against your cause real quick. The only one really paying attention to these antics was Saddam, who would only take it as Pro Baathist statement. So, though the chances of him giving up without a fight were slim to begin with, any possibility of Saddam taking an early retirement went out the window with this spectacle.

Another thing, no matter how much one may hate the war, you never ever ever ever razz the troops! NEVER! Why? I don’t care how much you may despise the fact we’re at war, or how much you may loathe The Bush… the people in fatigues are our own; they are brothers, sisters, 5th cousins and what have you. You boo them, you boo the basic American tenet of fight for what is right. In this case what is right is world security and liberation.

Also, the protesters really don’t know when they’ve been beat. You have got to give them some credit for sticking to their beliefs, no matter how futile they may become. But let’s be real here: it is April 14th, 2003… Baghdad has fallen… and yet, people are still covering them selves in paint and flopping around like fish. It’s time to move on, there are other causes that are worth your efforts. The bombing campaign where this type of protest would be relevant ended weeks ago. doh

Well, most of what I said has already been said… and better. I guess I just had to say it too, so people know where my head is.

If you want to protest, by all means go ahead. But good grief! do it responsibly (maybe even find a way that would work? Interesting notion eh?).

Anyways, go protest: It’s in the first amendment. It’s a freedom you have. Not many have it… certainly not the Iraqi’s. At least they didn’t, till now.

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