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Last night I watched Cartoon Network’s [Adult Swim], specifically Space Ghost: Coast-to-Coast. It got me remembering the time I met David Carradine at a convention. George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost, was also there and I met him as well.

But back to Carradine. He was scheduled to arrive at 3pm. I got to the show about quarter after and he wasn’t there yet. But I figured in Manhattan, if you don’t go by train your screwed, so it was ok. Well, I got to see him at about 3:30pm. He signed the $20 photo and waved me off. He was gone by 3:45pm. Needless to say I was not impressed and very disappointed.

There was Kwai Chang Caine sitting with the stereotypical bouncer (a gorilla in Versace) on one side, a showgirl looking wench on the other side, some weasel behind him on a cell phone, and he in a cheap Vegas-lounge-act/car-dealer-esque brown suit. He didn’t even look up as he scrolled his name and a yin-yang on the picture.

I knew the press said he was a jerk, but I figured they called him that cause he didn’t play the Hollywood game. Guess they were right after all. It just proves what a good actor he is by his nice guy impression.

Now George Lowe, there was a nice guy. He was willing (or at least patient enough) to talk with all the fan-boys hovering around his table. We chatted a good 45 minutes about the cartoon industry, his early voice over stuff, and how Space Ghost is produced and other random topics. The man is sharp as a tack too. Just take a look at the autograph, complete with snack tip!


It’s yet another example of don’t always believe what you see on TV.

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