We Interrupt This Late-Breaking News Report…

…for a word from our sponsor?

One of the few advantages of a network having it’s own news agency is, when your watching your favorite show, you can be alerted at a moments notice to the goings on around you. Thus, the average couch-potato can be briefed about the end of the world without having to have done his/her homework before hand on why, and see it in real-time.

Well nothing as earth shattering as Ragnarøk is going on this week, but it’s just as cold. Yes, it’s blizzard time again, and every so often a news buffoon with a ruler interrupts the regularly scheduled buffoons with the latest totals. And then we are supposed to return to the show, already in progress. But do we?

Nope. We get sent to a sponsor’s bumper spot + 30 second commercial.

And who’s sponsoring this news update? Why, Jeep of course. Who better to sponsor a blizzard than an SUV company? How did that meeting go?

“Well if something bad happens and you report it, we’ll pay for it…”

It also makes you wonder about other possible ad combos.

Got a heat wave to report? Have Sears’s air-conditioning service pay for it. Flood – Roto-Rooter! Earthquake – All-State.

I must admit it is a semi-good marketing strategy. There’s just one flaw, however. If you don’t have what they’re selling by the time of the associated emergency, chances are it’s too late. Maybe next time, eh?

Pray we don’t see any ads for industrial strength Raid anytime soon!

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