Damn You Fox… again!

Join at your local recruitment station Bless me father, for I have slipped… it has been 7 months since I last stabbed FOX in the groin with a dull pencil.

So mush [sic] has happened since last that post, I don’t know where to begin. I guess I should start by saying I’m sorry for leaving my post. But the wealth of crap like “Joe Millionaire II,” “The Simple Life” and “My Big Fat Obnoxious Boyfriend” overwhelmed me. I could not bear to watch, even for material!

Well, upon reading the entertainment news, I dusted off my lance and decided I had to charging back into FOX. It seems they are planning a new dating show… and can you guess starring what demographic?

I’ll wait. Just think for a moment.

Right! Little People, aka the non-politically correct term: Midgets!

Apparently, both dwarf women and regular women are to vie for the affections of a dwarf man. And the kicker is, the LPA (Little People’s Association) is fine and dandy with this!

“…LPA president Matt Roloff said the Fox show may benefit people of short stature by depicting them as regular folks ‘just being themselves…'” (Yahoo News/Reuters)

You call this being themselves? It’s a dating show! It’s one of the phoniest forms of TV known to man!. And being that FOX is involved, you know it’ll have the most demeaning questions ever written…

“Bachelorete number 3, ‘If I were a munchkin and you Glinda, what would you do with my lollypop guild?'”

This show is a little something we like to call “pandering.” It singles people out by putting them on display. I’m all for dwarves to be looked at as people (cause they are), however I doubt that was the first notion that crossed that nerve ending in the FOX boardroom.

Look, if you want to see little people in action, start casting them in normal roles. It half worked on Seinfeld. Sure dwarves fill the bit parts nicely, as they can cram themselves into an R2 costume. I think, however, Warrick Davis is tired of playing irate leprechauns and teddy bears.

What’s to come next? Mama, I’m frightened! It just shows you how small minded the execs at the FOX network are.

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