Science Round-up 11/13/03

Taking Face

Face Transplants Now Possible – BBC News / Clipped Article

Quothe the article – “The prospect of transplanting a face from a dead person to another living person was first raised by plastic surgeons one year ago. (BBC News)” And so it is done, and in only one years time. Wow, who knew medical science can still advance so quickly. Maybe someone should propose a cure for cancer or AIDS, or even, dare I say… the common cold?

It seems to me, and has seemed to me ever since I could think straight, that if it isn’t lucrative then fuck it. Here the plastic surgeons lobby has won yet again and LA gets a boost in the pocketbook. Sure, it’s supposed to help disfigured people… but we all know where it’ll go. Biographical movies can be made right after the subject’s death… and there’d be no need to find a look alike. Just staple the death mask on.

Why there hasn’t been a boon like this to the beauty industry since, well a few months ago when we invaded Iraq. Who else would benefit from the seizure of hundreds of botox depots?

Holy Hopping Heck

Kangaroos Run Riot Near Paris – / Clipped Article

When pets get too big for our tastes, we dump them. New York as gators in the sewers; France has kangaroos in the trees…?! Score one for the French; they actually beat us at being over the top for once.

But you have to look at it this way: Australia is obviously trying to get its revenge, and it’s about time. The world dumps on them feral cats and dogs… they reply with feral kangaroos.

Let’s just hope this trend doesn’t catch on to, say, the Veldt. I really don’t need to be chasing rhinos out of my rosebush.

(as for my little headlines, you come up with better in an overcrowded computer lab!)

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