Validating My Parking

One of my meager goals in life is to one day have someone, anyone, quote me… and quote me correctly with proper citation, etc. It doesn’t have to be taken in context; nothing worth noting ever is taken in context. Nor does it have to shed upon me a positive light; the citation could be used as fodder for all I care (another often seen case when it comes to notable sayings). Either way, it shows I’ve made an impression somehow.

It must sound like a terribly egotistical request, but we’ve all had this yearning. Even the most humblest of souls – those who “mysteriously” donate millions, cure the world’s diseases at their own health’s expense, or save starving orphans from burning churches – claiming to do good deeds out of pure kindness still have a thought or two in the back of their heads concerning how will it all reflect on them when the newspaper arrives.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of about this. Gaining attention is human instinct. When we’re young, we cry in order to gain the undivided attention of parents (or perhaps child services these days). When we get older, we yelp in pain when we trip or stub a toe whether or not it actually hurt. The list goes on.

Just remember, anything worth doing is worth doing to impress. That way, it’s sure to have a load of pride and 110% effort backing it. Surely that’s a good thing.

Why, fire only was discovered by great, great, great∗√∞-grandpa Og just to get the interest of a girl. “Ug ug ug ook blef,’ I’m sure he said. Loosely translated that equates to, “For you I capture the sun and imprison it in our cave.” To which she replied, “Ug.”

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