Music Video: Madness – Mr. Apples

(update: the official music video is gone, so I replaced it with the above)

Despite what VH1’s Where Are They Now / One-Hit Wonder would have led you to believe, Madness has being going strong this whole time (save a small split in the late 80s / early 90s). Their latest single, Mr. Apples, comes from their 12th album – Can’t Touch Us Now (released October 28, 2016).

It tells the tale of your typical hypocritical creep burning the candle at both ends:

A devout and well respected man
Woe betide you if you wander from God’s plan
Square shouldered, straight as a die
The righteous truth, he never tell you no lies

But when that old sun go down
He’s heading off up the wrong side of town
Eyes sparkle in the red light glow
Trouser pockets he’s ready to go

Calm down, Mr. Apples
You’re gonna do yourself in
Tell us where you’ve been.
Lyrics – Graham McPherson

And released last week (November 19th), was a video for the title track:

Madness is a very British band (both in subjects and sound) and both of these video showcase that.

A full review of Can’t Touch Us Now is forthcoming, till then I give you links:

I probably should also post the video for “Our House”. I mean, that’s were a great deal of you know them from. But you all know it, where to find it, and Madness is so much more than that (though its still a great tune). So I’m not.

Instead, here’s the classic Drip Fed Fred from 1999’s Wonderful, with guest vocals from the late Ian Dury.

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