The Mighty Cheese &; Crisp

  • 2 slices of Rye Bread
  • 4 Slices of American Cheese
  • Golden’s Spicy Brown Mustard
  • Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips/Crisps

(makes 1 sandwich)

It’s a bit obvious what to do next, but for all you rocket scientists out there, I explain:

Place two slices of bread on the plate, and place the cheese on said bread. Rye bread is a good all purpose bread. It’s got texture and taste… unlike your pansy white bread! Pepperidge Farms puts out a good Rye, especially for this project. It won’t fall apart. Beefsteak is also a good Rye, but not for this.

Next, you’ll want to put the mustard on. I say to use the squeeze bottle because you can make fun patterns on the sandwich. This is actually good to figure out just how much mustard to apply. Instead of staring at a knife to see if you got too much or too little, just pick a pattern and squeeze! I like the pattern shown to the right. And don’t worry if you’re mustard has separated (gone all runny), it’s ok for this recipe, amazingly.

Finally, put on the salt and vinegar chips/crisps (depending on where you live). Not only do they taste good, they’re beneficial too. Vinegar is a blood thinner, so the cheese, salt and chips won’t clog the arteries too quickly… (note: Martin Stuart is not a doctor… why, he hasn’t even see an episode of ER in his life). Spread them across the mustard side, that way they’re more apt to stay in place.

Ok, now go eat!

Serving suggestions:
A pickle and a bottle of Arizona Green Tea. That’s it. What?! You were expecting candles?

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Ryan Livingston