Whats With Number 2 Pencils and Scantrons?

No pairing, aside from peanut butter and jelly, can sum up elementary school like that of #2 pencils and Scantron sheets. “Make your mark heavy and dark,” was the monostich that reverbed in our heads hours before and well after testing. And, heaven forbid, you forgot your prescribed writing instrument, you were issued that chewed up nubby stick that lived in the back of teacher’s confiscated junk drawer.

Flashbacks yet?

Was it necessary? Kinda. The good folks over at Today I Found Out clue us in as to what the big deal was, why it isn’t anymore as well as a sharp and pointed history of the pencil. (see above video)

Today I Found Out is an awesome website founded in 2010 and devoted to interesting facts. Their Youtube page, consists of daily shorts such as the above. They’re also spread across the spectrum of social media, including Facebook. Check ’em out if you like facts. Check ’em out if your adverse to facts too, you need it more.

Those immortal instructions, “Make your mark, heavy and dark,” even inspired singer/song-writer Steve Hazell to whip up a ditty about it.

(The NWOt makes not claim to either video in this post).

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