The Village

Or How Could the Man That Directed The 6th Sense and Unbreakable Be Responsible For This Steaming Pile?????


The trailers for this movie had me all worked up and ready for grotesque tail about evil little things that went around eating people and the inevitable war that would engulf all the residents of some Victorian village. Well, when you get into it, you find out that on the surface there appears to be some truce between these local residents (villagers, you might call them) and rather large werewolf like things which live in the surrounding woods. So long as no one ventures into the woods, and the occasional meat sacrifice is given the monsters are happy to leave everyone alone.

But, oh no, we couldn’t leave well enough alone could we? This story goes on to prove that the only monsters in life are the ones we share a cup of coffee with on the way to work. Apparently (and no I don’t feel the least bit bad about giving the entire story away) the village elders are all 20th century types that lost loved one in the big cities because people are inherently violent and homicidal. They decided to set up a old timey village in the middle of a game preserve to keep themselves free of violence and the horrors of the modern era… of course they also deprived themselves of the medicines of the modern era and buried plenty of their friends and family because of that little over sight.

Anyhow they all find out the hard way that you can take the man out of the violence ridden modern era, but you can’t take the violence out of the man. They’re forced to reconsider their place in life and ultimately their little project collapses, much like the plot of this film.

Crimes Against Cinema and the Public

That is exactly what this damned thing is, a crime against cinema and the public. I don’t care who liked it or how much, it plain sucked. In fact it sucked on such a wide variety of planes, I’m not going to give a thorough break down, I’m going to skip straight to the sentencing.

It gets a 2 out of 6. I’d rather watch it than most of the horse shit I’ve had to wade through for these badness report reviews, but for its horrifying let down after a good build up, I’m docking points – as many as I can.

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