Standard New Years Resolution #42 – Enlightenment

Along with subscribing to everyone’s favorite resolution – getting fit – I have decided to enlighten myself in all matters of things. Right now I am a fountain of useless trivia – good for shouting at game shows, but little else. I need to get more functional.

I started this endeavor prior to New Years though. Going back to school (read about it on your own time), reading more and just better noticing the goings on around me included. However, I feel that a formal declaration is in order. It will get my mind in focus.

Now I have begun the task or re-reading all the stuff I didn’t back on my first tour of duty in college. Though the more I delve into it, the more I’m thinking I was cut out just to be a barbarian.

Plato’s republic seemed like as good as any a place to start; but I had to put it down. There’s just one bit in the book I can’t get passed. Oh what was it? Oh right, it’s that part where Socrates argues with everybody. Tiresome. I’ll have to find Atlantis somewheres else I guess.

Also included in this resolution is the hope to get more political. I’ve been apathetic on this point to a degree, and that’s not good for a guy seeking the Benevolent Meritocratic Dictator nomination. Or is it?

I have my own ideas on the way things should work… but they don’t count. See the thing is, they’re too forward thinking.

So this year I resolve to shove my head totally up my ass so I can better grasp the words of “Texas” Bush and his arch rival that Gang of Nine – the Democratic hydra.

Should be an interesting year.

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