Decisions, Decisions… Some Tools to Help Make Up Your Mind

Decision paralysis occurs when we have to select from options that are difficult to compare. Simply stated, decision paralysis can be described as having such a tough time choosing between action A or B that we pick action C or do nothing at all.

Decision paralysis / analysis paralysis / hem’n’hawing – call it what you will; that has been the bane of this and many other websites. What to post? When to post it? What overarching tonal direction to take? Where should we put the breakroom? Should we get crullers or bear claws for the breakroom? Wait, we have a breakroom? Etc, ad nauseum.

Luckily, the same internet that led us all down the overthinking crevasse also has some solutions to get us out – by way of random decision generators.

So here’s a list of a few. It’s a list because I couldn’t narrow it dow… well you get the joke. Let fate pick your path. In no particular order: screenshot


Random Lists’ decision maker is a bare bones randomizer. You enter your choices in the box (screenshot to the right) all list style and let it pick one for you.

Really good for the nothing fancy. In the same vein, there’s also “Yes/No,” “Coin Flip” options for the old-school binary indecisive soul.

For the corporate types, there is also a team builder. Here you add a list of names and let it pair them off into groups. That way if Barbara in accounting complains that she got stuck with Stinky Oliver again, you can blame mathmatics.


Wheel Decide just does a decision generator, but does so with style:

It is here that you can add up to 100 choices to the wheel-o-fate and actually root for the choice you were leaning towards the whole time, only to land on bankrupt :<

If you think your quandary is of consequence in the live if other’s you can embed your dial-a-dilema into your own website or share it with Wheel Decide’s SubReddit.

Of course now you just need to decide on what you’re going to decide on. The last on the list may help.


If you weren’t overwhelmed before, you will be after this site. In addition to it’s Random Decision Maker – which works like the first’s by adding options for it to choose from – has like a bazillion other random generators to pick for any occasion.

BestRandoms’ stable of generators is definitely more suited to the befuddled novelist… i.e. every novelist. Or, you know, a certain hyperactive interest webzine / world domination organization… that’s us if you’re new here.

4) If All Else Fails

Just buy yourself a Magic 8-ball. You won’t get a straight answer, but at least it’s fun.

Note: Link to 8ball is an affiliate link, Amazon gives me a kickback if you order it, or anything via the link.

What ever you choose to make up your mind, just stick with it, otherwise you’ll be in a recursion loop of ‘but, but, but…” Then how would you finally decide to write your own article on tools to make up your mind; thus breaking your own analysis paralysis, huh?


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