There are many burning questions out there that fall into the realm of legend. Will pop rocks and soda blow you up? Was JFK killed with a bullet made of chopped meat? Can you raise a sunken ship with ping-pong ball? Did the ancient Chinese send a man to the moon using fireworks? Etc Etc Etc…

Where there are questions, people search for answers.

The Synopsis

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, two special effects whizzes and evil geniuses, take it upon themselves each week to re-enact all sorts of urban legends to see if in fact they are confirmable, plausible, or pure fantasy… aka “BUSTED!”

The Execution

From a scientific standpoint, these guys know what’s up. They follow through the scientific method (though it may not seem like it at times) and concoct brilliant scale and true size experiments to test the myriad of cockamamie urban legends and myths out there, often putting themselves in harms way to do it (eyebrows have been lost). That’s dedication to the truth there.

From an entertainment standpoint it gets better. If for example a myth is busted, they then go to great measures to see what would indeed replicate the myth in real life… often calling a great deal of explosives into the picture – much to the chagrin of Mythbuster #3, Buster the crash test dummy.

The Verdict

If you like explosions, if you like idiotic stunts, if you like engineering and physics you’re going to want to watch Mythbusters. It’s a solid 6 out of 6 charred mannequins for Mythbusters, which can be seen frequently on the Discovery Channel.

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