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In 2002 this site was founded as a repository for Ryan and Ray’s comics. When Ray’s passing and then the hacking hit, they fell to the wayside along with everything else.

Well after too much time, we’ve re-uploaded our reason for being – the comics!

Day-to-Day: Ryan’s comic strip that debuted in the page of the Saint Peter’s University newspaper the Pauw Wow. A weekly gag strip with spurts of reoccurring characters that wouldn’t be able to maintain their own series.

Dementia World – Ray’s answer to Day-to-Day, also founded in the pages of the Pauw Wow was a more Gary Larson-esque strip rooted in abstract humor.

Xandor the Misguided – Ray’s opus of webcomic. It follows the exploits of a giant megalomaniacal spider (Xandor) and his rabid lemming sidekick – Bob. Watch as they combat their seemingly endless ensemble of arch-enemies across the hellscape of Weenieville on their quest for world domination!

All came about in the era of 800×600 monitors, so they can be a little hard to read. We’re working on remastering them. Till then we present our comics in their original c2003 webcomic glory!

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