New Wave Christmas Ornaments

Artist M Lineham Makes A Very New Wave Christmas Ornament Set

2017 marks the second year artist Matthew Lineham has released a new wave Christmas ornament set mashing up your favorite new wave and post-punk icons with classic holiday tropes.

M Lineham Art Ornament Sets

M Lineham Art Ornament Sets 2016 & 2017

From his product descriptions:

Exclusive “A Very New Wave Christmas” Ornaments are finally here to make any Christmas tree weird and full of obscure, punny Christmas memories.

2016 Set: – 10 Christmas Ornament set includes: Dave Gahanukkah, Chilly Idol, Ferry Christmas, Gingerbread Boy, Little Strummer Boy, Skate Bush, Duran With The Bag, Jingle Bell Flock, Iggy Hop, Joy to the World

2017 Set – 10 Christmas Ornament set includes: Snow Mozzer, Heat Mozzer, Saint Nick Cave, Santa Klaus, Elfman on a Shelfman, Siouxsie Lou Who, Merry Smithmas, David Snowie, Dev-O Christmas Tree

– 10 Rubber die cut bendable ornament
– Between 3 and 4 inches each

Some highlights include from the 2016 set Mark Mothersbaugh in a power dome trimmed like a Christmas. From the 2017 Billy Idol as Chilly idol (Jack Frost), which can hopefully replace that “Nice day for a light sweater/ Nice day for a Cardigaaaaaan” meme making it’s rounds.

Right now they’re all in pre-order for next year (2018; I waited too long to write this post for this year, sorry), and will ship in January. But that also makes me hopeful there will be a 2018 set.

And if Christmas isn’t your thing, then there’s more goodies on Matthew Lineham’s page. It’s a shrine to 80’s pop culture. Quite literally! He’s got a whole series of paintings done up like stained glass:

St. David Byrne

St. David Byrne – M. Lineham Art

If you’re into collectible Christmas Ornaments, these are for you.

If you’re into 80s music, these are for you.

If you’re into the world of Rankin & Bass, these are for you.

Any combo of above, why is your credit card still holstered?

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