Spaceballs: The Animated Series

Aw Mel… what the hell?!


I’d heard rumors that G4 would be airing an animated version of Spaceballs. Then one day while flipping the channels I came across it. Rather, blindsided by it.

This sucks space-donkey-balls. It shouldn’t, but it does. Not a laugh, not a snicker. It was 2 hours (watched 4 episodes… I tried I tried to like it) of meh.

The Animated Series is a vain attempt to cash in on a classic, but dead, property by using childish “humor” and sex-for-the-sake-of-we-can-get-away-with-it to merely lampoon other dead properties and long out of the headlines news makers (eg. one episode crosses Jurassic park with Barry Bonds).

Many of the players are back. Mel Brooks produces it with original co-conspirator Thomas Meehan; and reprises his roles as Yogurt and Scroob. Joan Rivers is back as Dot; they even dug up Daphne Zuniga for Vespa.

Rick Moranis and Bill Pullman (Lord Dark Helmet and Lonestar respectively) did not return (to which I give them credit). They have been replaced with pale comparisons. At least Tino Insana’s “Barf” attempts to come close to sounding like Legend John Candy. Which isn’t saying much.

The animation is weak. It’s rigid cutout flash doesn’t mesh with Brook’s work (even though this barely resembles Brook’s work). It’s flat. And when you’re making expanding boob jokes every 30 seconds, flat become awkward.

Very awkward. Like Spike TV’s style animation awkward (remember their brief “resurrection” and defiling of Ren & Stimpy? Yeah, that bad)

There was just no reason to do this (except maybe ironically to live up to the “sequel” Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money”).

The 1987 Spaceballs movie was a nice blend of blue, physical and goofball comedy – typical Mel Brooks. Though not one of his best, its a cult classic at least.

This, this needs to get introduced to Spaceballs: The Flame Thrower!

Out of a possible 10 Dinkdinks, this get SQUADOOOOOOOOOOO! I am ashamed of you Mr. Brooks.

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