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Spam ‘fighter’ wins court battle

A “fearless spam fighter” has won a David and Goliath legal battle against a junk email marketing company.

A West Australian court yesterday threw out a civil case in which a direct marketing company wanted to sue a Perth man for complaining about its unsolicited bulk emails, or “spam”.

The company, t3-direct, had claimed it had lost $43,000 in business after Perth electronics repairer Joe McNicol blew the whistle on the emailer, in a bid to stop receiving its junk emails. October 15 2002

At last, at last, a court with some sense. In this world of globalization, it is usually business that prevails over anyone who tries to stop them. Usually because judges can be bought. Big money can do that, its both a law of nature and in the bible someplace…

However, little did the company in question realize the double-edged sword that is Spam. Oh sure it looks attractive.

Ah SPAM, who wouldn’t want to open something marked with FWD or ADV, or maybe even XXX. Free key chains dangle like carrots on sticks to those bleary eyed souls opening their mail accounts at 3am.

The glitz and the glamour of a Ron Popeil or a Billy Mayes right there on your monitor, ah yes its heaven. 500k worth of deals you could never live with out. Why I’m gonna go out and get a house just so this can get me a great deal on a mortgage.

Wait 500k? But my box, its only 1MB big. My great Aunt Gretchen in Antarctica is about to die and I’m waiting for her mail, Oh no, my box it jammed. Damn you SPAM!!!!!! Damn your 250 free business cards or your bargain peep shows. DAMN YOU ALL TO HECK!

I guess the judge in question had an aunt Gretchen too. Well, she did not pass away in vain…

All take this precedent and do something… its time to turn the tables on the spammers. Just don’t attempt this over here in the American Courts… most of our judges don’t have the Internet and are still quite partial to the bible.

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