Rise From Your Game: Live Action Altered Beast & More?

On the coattails of a recently announced, yet unseen/unramified, Sonic the Hedgehog movie, Hollywood execs are running with the trend like a rapid blue erinaceinae runs with bling.

Variety reports Stories International, with partner Circle of Confusion (“Fear the Walking Dead,” “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”), plans to adapt SEGA’s classic games of Altered Beast and Streets of Rage into TV and Movies. Because classic games work so well in the movies.

The ghosts of Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper were unavailable for comment.

Jokes about cinematic Bob-ombs aside, this could work… Zeus resurrects a fallen hoplite warrior as a potential lycanthrope to save Athena from some new guy ruling the Underworld. Expensive, but intriguing.

Greek myth is still relatively untapped as a cinematic trope, so it won’t be a saturated market. And since Altered Beast little resembles Greek myth, all the better.

Also on the table are Golden Axe (D&D, ok), Shnobi (ninjas, kids love the ninjas), Virtua-Fighter (Minecraft Rocky), and Crazy Taxi (the heck?).

But it got me wondering what other of SEGA’s game properties could be mined for the media?

1) Ecco the Dolphin

CGI abounds in this tale of a bottlenose dolphin who fights to rescue all the Earth’s sea creatures that have been abducted by aliens. It’s Flipper meets Star Trek IV meets The Delta Force – with huge Pixar-ability!

2) Phantasy Star II

Phantasy Star IIIn an alien solar system, the AI in charge of everything goes haywire and releases a plague of biological monsters across the country side. It’s up to one special agent to find out what the heck is going on… with the help of a mysterious pink haired girl – half human /half biomonster, unknowing weapon and potential key to this mess.

Set it all up on multiple planets, add an ensemble of characters with their own agendas and you’ve got seasons worth of back stories, cameos and adventure!

3) Bonanza Brothers

A pair of mismatched brothers, one or both of them trying to go straight (do some market research on this), tossed back into a life of crime by some unseen puppet master. Each heist more bizarre and high-jinky than the last!

4) Zero Wing

An alien cyborg that can only speak broken English suddenly breaks all treaties with the Earth and starts taking attacking our space colonies. It’s up to a plucky crew of the S.S. ZIG to stop the extraterrestrial onslaught and return all of our base to us!

The best part, this show ALREADY has a opening credit sequence (what, you didn’t think this article was anything other than an ruse to post this old chestnut, did you?)

OK Hollywood, get cracking… you’ve only got 887 Genesis games left to go. Then we move on Turbo Graphix 16!

P.S. I still like the Mario Bros. Movie.

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