Kidd Video

kiddvideoRun – 1984-1986 NBC/CBS, 26 episodes.
Produced by DIC Entertainment and Haim Saban

The story of Kidd Video begins in a run down warehouse somewhere in California. Members of the band Kidd Video (Kidd, Carla, Ash, and Whiz) have set up for practice, when their harmonies cause a rift in the space-time continuum. It is through this rift that the Master Blaster, an evil want-to-be despot, sucks our 4 musicians to the Flip Side – a cartoon universe made up of weird music loving characters of various sorts.

Here the Master Blaster and his minions, the 3 Copy Cats (feline lip-syncing want-to-be musicians), chase Kidd Video around the Flip Side in order to harness their music for evil. Only Glitter, the Tinker Bell-like fairy with strength given sneezes (yeah, I know), is constantly there to lend a hand in getting the band home.

This was, as I guess you have read, a very unusual show, but not without being cool. Kidd Video was full of everything that made the 80’s neat – music. It showcased bands from the top 40, including music from Journey, Yes and Michael Jackson during the chase scenes.

Kidd Video also featured music from who else but Kidd Video, ala the Monkees. Songs were written and produced by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, and performed by the cast of Kidd Video. This came in the form of the main theme, and Kidd Video music videos after the episodes, which were well produced.

The cartoon itself was colorful and fun to watch. And, as most 80’s DIC cartoons, it had a moral at the end. Hey, no harm no foul. Makes me wish the new crap had these too… at least they’d add to plots.

Episode availability is scarce, but you can score one or two on Ebay… taped off of TV of course.

For more in-depth, episode-by-episode type stuff, check out the Kidd Video Flipside site. It hasn’t been updated in quite a bit, but still has a lot of good stuff – including more songs and video clips.

Sources – © 1999-2002 TaraCam
The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons, 2nd edition – by Jeff Lenburg

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