Church of the Cosmic Skull – Cold Sweat (Official Video)

Church of the Cosmic Skull dropped their second album, Science Fiction(amazon link), on May 1st, 2018… but it feels like it was forged out of the crucible of the 70s.

Hammond organ- check. Flying-V – yep. Catchy hooks – uh huh. Multiple tempo-shifts, seven part harmonies and an electric cello?! Awesome.

It’s like Atomic Rooster meets ABBA. Science Fiction (amazon link) has a pop-acid-jazz feel to it overall; whereas their debut album Is Satan Real (amazon link) harkens back to early heavy metal and concept prog-rock.

Based out Nottingham, England, Church of the Cosmic Skull is actually a supergroup formed from several other bands. They’ve all united under their seven tenets or “objects,” which “Celebrate and uphold the freedom of art, science and thought.” More on that can be found at their website.

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