Advent Calendars and Stocking Stuffers – 2019

So, in years past (2016, 2017, 2018), I’ve compiled some slap dash lists of unique handmade Advent calendars, made by crafty people from all over the globe. And, in trying to keep with that tradition (and make at least one more post this year), I was gonna do it again this year. But scrolling through pages and pages of Etsy listings came up pretty meh.

Then I was like, “ok, whaddabout the stuff that goes IN the calendar?” After a page or two of fillers… meh again.

So rather than do another clip show or hawk a litany of copy cats calendars, this year I’m gonna highlight just some handmade crafts that came up for “Christmas” and/or were listed as “stocking stuffers.”

As always, these items are handmade and may not be available by the time you read this (I’m talking to you, dude on page 42 of a Google search sometime in the year 2087).

1)  3D Tree House Advent Calendar

So, that’s not to say there were NO nifty advent calendars this time around. Etsy user Penelopetom has a 3D treehouse model whereby each piece is marked by a day. And by Christmas Eve you’ve got yourself a nice little winter scene. The set is available for some degree of personalization, and ships from England.

2)  Die Hard Christmas Advent Calendar

And I would be remiss if I didn’t include the is-Die-Hard-a-Christmas-movie debate into a holiday clickbait post. Whatever side you come down on, we can agree that HolidayPirate’s Die Hard Japanese Movie Poster Advent Calendar is pretty unique. They also have other pop culture pop opens staring “Friends” and Nicholas Cage.

3) Coffee / Wine Woodcut Calendars

The holiday season requires a shot of caffeine in the morning, and a shot of something else at night. KustomKraftLaser has got you kovered from dawn to dusk (or visa versa) on that front with these holiday themed holders. Beverages not included, each sold separately.


Ever get the feeling that 2020 is going to be a massive litterbox?

Perfect for the crazy cat lady, white elephant gift, cat lovers, gag gifts, stocking stuffers, housewarming gift, secret Santa, Yankee swap or for just plain fun!

It was about this time that I gave up my calendar query. Nothing against Bo Winston’s work mind you. To the contrary, I just couldn’t top it calendar wise.

5)  REINDEER Ornament

A lot of calendars I’ve looked at in the past had space for small toys, which is a great alternative to giving tykes chocolate first thing in the morning each day for a month. tinyworldbycrochAndi’s reindeer was the first thing I came across when i switched to looking for alternative Advent calendar fillers. Absolutely adorable and full of classic charm.

6)  Felt Gnomes and Robins

Frizzlady’s shop is full of felt gnomes and robins! They come in ornament sets, fridge magnets, keychains and more… all small enough to fill a festive sock or several. I.E. we’re moving on to plain old stocking stuffers in general from here on out.

7)  Trio of F-Bombs

Etsy shop StormyDayCrafts has got some crocheted “F-Bombs” as a gag gift/socking stuffer. Although humorous, by the end of some family visitations they’ll be useful and less hurtful that throwing around the real things (or something heavier).

8)  Forged Iron Dice


NorthernCrescentIron has created the last word in dungeon mastering – iron dice. So says the description:

These hand forged iron dice make an unexpected and fun stocking stuffer for game lovers and collectors alike. They are also excellent as 6th iron anniversary gifts, birthday presents, Christmas gifts, and a huge hit at any party or event. They are great corporate gifts, event giveaways, or fun employee incentive items. Are you having a Vegas style wedding? These dice are perfect wedding party gifts. Want to get everyone laughing and having fun at your party? Try 3 pair (6 dice) and play the best game of Yahtzee ever!

There ya go – another year down, and another list of something for somebody.

This is a non-sponsored post, we get nothing if you follow the links in the article.

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