A Dog Of Panic

A Dog of Panic
by Ray Macula

Upon the day, a Dog of Panic
Crossed my way.
A bearer of Havoc he was,
He did say.
And with him first the Blight did come,
To rot out the teeth of everyone.
Second, came on quite the affliction,
Which could not be treated with the strongest prescription,
Soon followed by an increased conscription,
For the need for war became quite the addiction.
And as all these things transpired,
I asked why our land’s doom was desired.
To me he did say:
“Twas Havoc who let slip this Dog of Panic
And together we shall increase your loss,
As it was deemed by the Great Boss Chaos.”
“To what end shall these means justify?”
Was my only reply.
“End? No end, Squire. But before you ask, ‘why does this happen to me’
Know that all is merely a function of entropy.”
He responded with glee.
“Today it is you who will be ploughed under”
He went on
“Tomorrow your neighbor will fear the thunder.
The cycle goes on and none are spared, thus is The Way
And the Universe does not care.”
“The end then for me, The Universe
Does not weep with sorrow or dance with glee?”
Was the next question to come from me.
“To these both the answer is ‘no.’
It shall merely bestow,
New life, new challenges
To the next ones to grow.”
Said he the Servant of Havoc.
Then the sea he did cross
To find the next place to serve Chaos.

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Written by

Ray Macula

Ray Macula